Review for Ted Harrison’s Rainbow Road by winning author, Barbara Black

Canadians and art lovers worldwide will recognize Ted Harrison as the distinguished artist who brought a colourful palette to landscapes of the Yukon. This book reveals a lesser known side of the artist, and introduces us to his close friend, Jan Stirling, with whom he shared a special bond.

It’s not surprising the two found each other. Stirling is a seasoned jazz pianist, teacher and songwriter who dazzles with her presence, candour and generosity of spirit. Despite their age difference, they were instant kindred spirits and over the years shared a unique, intimate friendship which Stirling vividly and touchingly captures in this book.

Stirling’s account allows us a unique glimpse into the artist as a man still vitally creative and downright funny into his eighties. Along the way, she reveals herself as an ever-curious artist, interested in healing and creating connection in the world. The book is a tribute to a friendship that transcended the usual boundaries. As Ted himself would say, “There are no fences around love.” Love permeates this book. Love in spite of hardship. Friendship love. Love that makes life worth living.